In Tune with Yourself: Feldenkrais for Muscians – 2010


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Jerry Karzen’s new audio program was recorded during a two-day workshop for musicians in Vienna, Austria. The participants were made up of musicians of many different backgrounds, including a number from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Jerry’s style is focused and relaxed as he leads the participants into the depth of the method and its applications for relating to an instrument. His melodious voice leads the participants to investigate a wide range of themes relevant for relating to an instrument, with special emphasis on the use of the hands and arms and their support by the trunk. The recordings include 8 lessons and two talks, one specifically focused on the special challenges of sitting while playing.

About the Author
Jerry is a graduate of the 1977 San Francisco Training with Dr. Feldenkrais. Jerry studied with Dr. Feldenkrais at the Feldenkrais Institute in Tel-Aviv. When they lived together between 1976 and 1984, Jerry was Moshe Feldenkrais’ personal traveling companion, secretary and close friend. He assisted in the editing of Dr. Feldenkrais’ last two books and directed, or himself videotaped, 95 percent of all existing tapes of Dr. Feldenkrais’ private Functional Integration® lessons. At the request of Dr. Feldenkrais, Jerry organized and administered his last training program and was the first Executive Director of the Feldenkrais Foundation. He has also served as President of the North American Feldenkrais Guild®.

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Lessons & Chapters

Disc 1

  • (61:20 Min.): Standing legs, lifting pelvis, moving arm-triangle (supine)

Disc 2

  • (30:53 Min.): Lift pelvis, circles around shoulder-girdle (supine)

Disc 3

  • (53:33 Min.): Breathing into ribs in all directions (supine, prone, side-lying & lifting head)

Disc 4

  • (52:43 Min.): Twisting hands with interlaced fingers (in sitting, supine and side-lying)

Disc 5

  • Talk (17:22 Min.): “How the use of yourself determines how you become”

Disc 6

  • (43:19 Min.): Wrists and Ribcage. “Butterfly-Lesson”. This is the first lesson of day 2 of the workshop)

Disc 7

  • (34:46 Min.): (Includes two short lessons) a) Moving jaw & counting teeth with tongue (in sitting and on the back) b) Right arm in shoulder height, on the floor, moving golden ball from hand to sternum (supine) (1-sided lesson)

Disc 8

  • (39:40 Min.): “Flying bird” Supine- Arms at shoulder height, pushing fingernails down into floor, then prone- Lifting fingers, hand, wrist, arm, shoulder like wings.

Disc 9

  • (37:13 Min.): Sitting on chairs- Fundamentals in sitting, especially for musicians. Jerry explains in some depth the details, that make “good” sitting. What kind of chair to use, importance of the sitting bones, position of the pelvis, feet; breathing, and the position of the head (on horizon) etc.

Disc 10

  • (35:39 Min.): Elbow standing on the floor, moving wrist & fingers, supine (1-sided lesson)

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