Awareness Through Movement®: Knees On floor, Torso on Table


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In A Novel Gravitational Position
Six Awareness Through Movement Lessons on downloadable MP3 audio files

The six-lesson program is ideal for Feldenkrais Practitioners and Trainees, as well as those involved in dance, pilates, yoga, martial arts and athletics. The Awareness Through Movement lessons in this unique program, gradually increase flexibility and improve the organization in your feet, knees, hip joints, spine, ribs and neck. Beginning with basic sequences, the movements increase in complexity, leading you to experience a more complete “body” integration and sense of self. Please note that all lessons in this series are done over a low table or bed.

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Originally developed to inspire the students in Jerry’s Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs to design their own Functional Integration lessons, this program is ideal for Feldenkrais practitioners and trainees as well as anyone interested in dance, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, or athletics. All the lessons are done while lying with your trunk on a low table, bed, or couch and your knees on the floor. Working in this novel position enables a unique reorganization of dynamic posture and gait. These six lessons will markedly increase flexibility and self-organization in your feet, knees, hip joints, spine, and neck. The movements gradually increase in complexity, leading you to experience a more complete sense of self.

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